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Milo’s Going to College: The Show that Shaped My Taste in Music, Finale- Surf Curse

It was August 23rd, and I had found out that a band I enjoy would be playing at DC9 a few weeks back. I had to go, I just didn’t know when they’d return to the DMV, and was too excited by the prospect of hearing their music live. Discovering them during a time where punk, to me, was supposed to wrench ears and stab away subtlety, the sudden appearance of a completely different answer to this aesthetic raised my curiosity past what Bad Religion’s edgy lyrics or the Descendents’ guitar riffs could have done. My inspirations were dismantled by their sound.


Milo’s Going to College: The Show that Shaped My Taste in Music, PT.2- Lala Lala

It was August 23rd. Teen Mortgage walked off the stage at DC9 with the gaits of soldiers leaving a battlefield- accomplished and certain of victory even if they had poured out the Pacific in terms of the combined sweat between the two of them. One quick whip of the neck into a stretch from the guitarist allowed for a wave of this ocean to spray directly into my waiting eye, and I proceeded to rub viciously in order to see the next band set up. Once my vision met with the stage, I saw that Teen Mortgage had disappeared completely; replaced by two very tired-looking girls almost finished with sound-checking their equipment, a baby-faced drummer in tow.