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Nov 24

WVAU Reviews: Ariel Pink, "pom pom"

By Paz Monge

Courtesy of Tumblr.

RIP the Haunted Graffiti. It’s sad to accept, but Ariel Rosenberg’s decade long project, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, takes a tiny hiatus for his new solo album, pom pom. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti gave us great party/karaoke classics like “Round and Round”, “Every Night I Die at Miyagis”, “Live it up” and probably every single track out of House Arrest. He even covered “Baby” originally by the Emerson brothers, which is by far one of the sexiest songs out there.

But, while the Haunted Graffiti says goodbye for a while, pom pom comes backs to Ariel’s roots of hi-fi silly pop, testing his listeners with his retro/virtuoso dialogues and LA 80’s sounds.

Nov 23

Vibe of the Week: The Thanksgiving Jam

By Kristina Kumpel

Courtesy of Neil Young Official Store.

Thanksgiving, the holiday we celebrate, but often overlook. For a day that we set aside for the sole purpose of reflection and gratitude, there is never quite as much hype for good old Turkey Day than there is for Christmas or New Years. Christmas music is basically a genre of its own, but where are the Thanksgiving jams?

Nov 23

Porque no los Dos: Why I am Scared to See My Favorite Artists in Concert

By Andrea Diaz

Courtesy of Huffington Post.

Never should a musical bond with strangers amount to touching or harassment of any kind, but in many cases it does and it is overlooked by venue staff. The problem with concert venues is that they work like nightclubs, but no one ever dares make that correlation because such mention would devalue the primary focus on music that concert venues like to “prioritize”.

Multiple times I have been groped while in the crowd of a concert. The first couple of times I began to think that this must be an accidental happening given the fact that at some shows people are packed like a can of sardines. But when should we draw the line?

Nov 21

The Current: Why Music Needs More Female Role Models

By Lauren Peressini

Courtesy of Orlando Weekly.

When I hear Forbes Magazine stating that Beyonce has made $115 million this past year, it makes me feel that women and men have equality in music, or that maybe even girls are running the music world. But this is far from the truth. It is crucial to note that the statistic of Beyonce’s great success came out on a list titled “Highest-Paid Women in Music 2014.” It was not just a list of prosperous musicians overall.

Nov 20

Keep Ya Head Up: Rap in 2014

By Abby King

Courtesy of World Star Hip Hop.

I recently read an article declaring 2014 as one of the worst years for rap ever. It is not surprising fans felt this way coming on the heels of a red hot year for hip hop in 2013. JAY Z, Eminem, and Kanye all dropped albums last year; not to mention solid projects from Wale, J.Cole, and Chance the Rapper. It would be hard for 2014 to compete with such fanfare but was it really one of the worst years ever? I have mixed feelings.

Nov 20

Minutia: Data, Democracy, Music & the Perpetual Race to the Bottom

By Cameron Stewart

Courtesy of Intelligence Aerospace.

What better way to bring music to the masses than the Internet? There’s never been a time when you could hear more music from the comfort of, well, anywhere. On top of that, what better way to serve the purposes of populism and democracy than to give the people exactly what they want? With infinite tracking, data processing, and targeted markets, the producers know exactly what you want and can deliver it instantaneously.

Nov 20

Leading Ladies: Dance and Feel Good!

By Teta Alim

British singer Moko shows us how to get down. (Courtesy of DJ Semtex.)

Finals are nearing, deadlines are looming and your life force is steadily dwindling to zero. You want to go to the gym but that’s too much effort and going outside now would leave you as a human iceberg. The best thing you can do is shelter yourself in your room, put on a great song and dance! Shake your hips, twist your arms, do whatever: just move! It’s a foolproof method that will not only boost your energy but also make you feel good.

Nov 19

The Tough Crowd: Beagle Edition

By Christina Kelly

Courtesy of Bunk Blog.

If you have spent any amount of time aimlessly wandering around campus for something to do, you’ve probably come across a copy of The Beagle. In case you haven’t had the pleasure of finding this gem, its American’s premier (and unofficial) satire publication. The Tough Crowd was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with one of the founders for our return to our usual format. Since The Beagle is anonymous, this interview was conducted via email and our inside source choose to stay unidentified.

Nov 19

Another Kind of Currency: The Wordplay in "Dog Problems"

By Jonathan Skufca

Courtesy of It's a Fabulous Life.

One of the many things I owe my older brother for would be introducing of me to some of the music that has become my personal favorite to this day. Most of it happened when he was in high school and I, being five years his junior, in middle school. At this point my music tastes hadn’t truly been formed yet (and arguably still haven’t) but I had an idea of what I liked and what I found deplorable.

Nov 18

Feedback | The Anaconda in the Room: How Nicki Minaj Fuses Style & Substance

By Austin Ryan

Oh man have I learned to love Nicki Minaj. Pop never sunk its hooks deep into my musical sensibilities, but I cannot resist a lightning rod like Nicki Minaj. Convinced by boredom and an odd itch, I tried to quantify the raw rage over Nicki Minaj. I did so by calculating the percentage of dislikes from the ten most watched YouTube videos from a few big pop figures. After that I calculated the mean of the percentages to get an average “percentage disliked” for a pop star’s big videos. Minaj’s videos total at 20.9 percent disliked on average.