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Oct 22

Another Kind of Currency: Lyrical Themes and Staying Home

By Jonathan Skufca

Courtesy of Coal Camp USA.

On the day of my high school graduation, I couldn’t wait to be three and a half hours away from the place where I lived for 18 years and in our nation’s capital, only to return for breaks. Then my summer internship happened and I grew to love my home (lack of live music be damned). I’m sure the place where I grew up has shaped me and will never really leave me

Oct 22

The Tough Crowd: Transfer Edition

By Christina Kelly


Being a school filled with students from every corner of the globe, almost every AU student can relate to starting over and having to find a new crowd to fit in with. For most of us coming to DC was our big move away from home. For Will Hoffinger, who grew up around these parts, his big move was to Burlington, Vermont for his first few years of college.

Oct 20

The Looking Glass: Caribou, "Our Love"

By Jeoffrey Pucci


Interest in Caribou – who, over the years, has been known in various forms and styles – has recently been reawakened with the release of the new album Our Love. It is no accident that this release seems to further clarify many of Snaith’s vague and idealic self-descriptions of his musical aesthetic as a pure idea.

Oct 19

Vibe of the Week: Post-Midterm Healing

By Kristina Kumpel

dr.-dog-wakarusa-2014.jpgCourtesy of Wakarusa.

Alright, I don’t know about you all but this past week or so can only be described as stress on stress on stress. But, midterm hell is finally behind us and that definitely calls for celebration. After the physical and mental drain of papers and exams, there’s nothing like a little musical healing. Few bands succeed in putting a smile on my face the way Dr. Dog does.

Oct 17

Coo-Coo Ca-Choo: New Discoveries - Eva Stone

By Anna Zipkin

1374718_187924178058322_1929370067_n_905Courtesy of Cargo Collective.

In my recent internet music exploration, I came across an acoustic performance by British artist Eva Stone of her song “Runaway.” Initially under the impression that this would be an ordinary piece of indie music, I was absolutely blown away by Stone’s soulful vocals and bluesy arrangement. Not to mention, her singing style completely contradicts the shy, almost squeaky voice she uses to introduce herself before she begins playing.

Oct 16

Minutia: Classical Music - Stagnant or Outgrown?

By Cameron Stewart

140122_CBOX_ClassicalDead.jpg.CROP.promoCourtesy of Slate.

The past week or so, I’ve been pondering the prosperity and subsequent decline of trends in music. Without exception, it seems, today’s hot trend will be tomorrow’s object of mocking nostalgia. Think of tunes like the “Macarena” or the wave of early ‘00s boy bands.

Oct 01

Live in the Hive: Ace Cosgrove

By Chloe Krueger


Maryland rapper Ace Cosgrove is no stranger to the come-up— We sat down with the rapper to talk about his sophomore album Us vs. Robots which is available for download now via Soundcloud (check it below).

May 14

Interviews: Catching Up With The Hold Steady

By Cameron Meindl


Over the last ten years, The Hold Steady have established themselves as one of America’s most joyous, intelligent, and overall best rock and roll bands. Our Music Director emeritus Cameron Meindl spoke with lead guitarist Tad Kubler over the phone to discuss the band’s decision to add a second guitarist, their recent tour with Deer Tick, and what it’s like to be a guitar-based rock band at a time where that idea is becoming less and less prevalent.

May 09

Live in the Hive: Natural Child

By Mike Creedon


If you’ve tuned into WVAU at any point this semester, it’s safe to say you heard a track off of Natural Child’s latest record Dancin’ With Wolves. The record’s been played non-stop since we’ve received it and to have the Nashville Burger boys in for a session was a true treat. Rather than doing the typical “here’s the new single” performance, Natural Child reached into their pockets and pulled out two lint covered specialties. The first being a jam-laden rendition of “Blind Owl Speaks” off of 2013’s Hard In Heaven, the second their laid back track “Don’t Wake The Baby” off of their split with Guantanamo Baywatch. Listen and download their session below!

Apr 04

Introducing VEDAS

By Teta Alim


VEDAS, comprised of vocalist and songwriter Alex Lee and drummer Andrew Monborne, has been hard at work getting ready for their big debut but Lee was able to sit down and have a little chat about the band, music, and being a part of the DC music scene.

Apr 02

WVAU Sits Down With: TOPS

By Shira Karsen


About a week ago today, the delicate Canadian indie-pop group TOPS came to D.C. to shred the stage at DC9. Didn’t get to see them? Rough. Never heard of them before? Well lucky for you, that’s why I’m here. The night before the group trekked on down to the District, I was lucky enough to snag a quick interview with the charmingly bad-ass 26 year-old lead singer Jane Penny to virtually chat about being on tour, their sound, Penny’s hatred of high school musicals and, of course, what any American millennial will ever bring up to a Canadian — Drake.

Mar 26

WVAU Sits Down With: Forest Swords (Matthew Barnes)

By Allen Nguyen


Originally from Liverpool, England, Matthew Barnes produces intricate soundscapes under the name Forest Swords. The former visual artist turned electronic musician creates his music from a highly visual background. His debut LP Engravings was released in August 2013 to critical acclaim, garnering a “Best New Music” from Pitchfork. WVAU recently sat down with Barnes before his live show with How To Dress Well at the U Street Music Hall.

Mar 24

Live in the Hive: The So So Glos

By Mike Creedon


Too pop for punk, too punk for pop. The So So Glos have made a name for themselves with their melodic DIY punk anthems over the past few years. With the release of 2013’s excellent Blowout, many yearned for their out of print earlier albums. Now comfortable with themselves and their sounds, they have rerelease these excellent early entries in The So So Glos discography. Listen below to hear two excellent cuts from Blowout, a discussion on internet haters, Andrew WK, and more.

Mar 16

Live in the Hive: Soundtrack to Sleep

By Mike Creedon


DC emo-nites Soundtrack to Sleep came by the studio for an intimate acoustic session. Packed to the brim with sing-along choruses, punchy rhythms, and vocal/heart tearing lyrics, Soundtrack to Sleep are perfectly emotive.

Mar 04

Live in the Hive: Cigarette

By Mike Creedon


DC’s ethereal slow-mo pop purveyors Cigarette stopped by our studio for an enchanting set filled with new material and songs off of 2013’s ‘gush’. Based out of DC, Cigarette have already achieved a sound distinctly their own.

Apr 06

WVAU Interviews Japandroids!

By Seth Shamon

DJ Seth Shamon caught the action last week and has this to say: “This clip is from an interview that I conducted with Japandroids in their dressing room at the Rock ‘n Roll Hotel on Monday March 29, immediately before their dynamite performance.