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Mar 26

Another Kind of Currency: Why I Hate Getting Good Advice

By Jonathan Skufca

Kill Lincoln
Courtesy of Black Cat.

I’ve received nothing but "good advice" from people as I graduated high school, went through my summer internship and began my first and second semesters of college. To be honest, I was pretty sick of it before I even graduated. People always called me responsible and trusted me with many important matters, but would still constantly give me advice for college. Everyone: I’m only moving to an entirely new city, being with new people and going to a new school. My decision-making processes haven’t changed. I’m still going to be able to make responsible decisions about what I’m doing with my life, and if I don’t, I will have to face the consequences as an adult.

Mar 25

Porque no los Dos: Helado Negro, "Double Youth"

By Andrea Diaz

Courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty.

A Pitchfork review described Helado Negro’s latest LP Double Youth as “an exercise in reconciling forgotten artifacts with present memories.” It's clear that even in his fourth album, the son of Ecuadorian immigrants has not left behind his Latin roots, but most importantly has held onto elements of his past as a child and brought them into harmony with his eclectic taste of music. 

Mar 24

Feedback: Music Out of the Middle Kingdom - 4 of Mainland China's Best Artists

By Austin Ryan

Courtesy of DongDong.

Keep a finger on the pulse of East Asia’s up-and-coming musicians and you might first hear the heart of K-Pop’s color or Japanese eccentricities. Sometimes it takes deep listening to find a nice tune from mainland China. China’s careful control of cultural landscapes can stifle some bands, especially those looking to sell albums overseas. But plenty of artists shine through in spite of and even because of the firewall.

Mar 24

The Tough Crowd: "In the Bin" in Frederick, MD

By Christina Kelly

Courtesy of the author / Sheetz forever

Sometimes I go on spur of the moment adventures. This Saturday morning I woke up early on my own accord and decided I was going to Frederick to go antique shopping. I had never been to this specific spot in Maryland before, and all I knew about it was that there are cute little vintage shops and at least one record store, making it a good enough place to explore for a weekend adventure.

Mar 24

Pop Exodus: A Chat about Marina and the Diamonds, “Froot”

By Carson Bear

Courtesy of The Line of Best Fit.

Carson and her friend (and "official pop culture consultant"), Olivia, give a track-by-track review of the new album from Marina and the Diamonds. 

Carson: Have you listened to this album before?
Olivia: Nope, this will be my first time.
C: I’ve listened, I think, three times to the album? But I’ve heard some of the singles a few times before that.
O: I’ve heard at least one of the singles before this.

Mar 23

Homemade: Denver

By Alli Vega

Courtesy of CBS Denver.

Normally when talking about Denver, one does not immediately think of the city's blooming music scene. When thinking of Colorado’s capital, normally the things that come to one's mind are mountains, marijuana and skiing (which, I admit, may be slightly accurate) while local musicians often go unappreciated and unnoticed. This could be because it's overshadowed by nearby Boulder, which has historically held a stronger music community, or because it's only just recently that musicians began to forge a local scene within the city. In the past, Denver’s biggest music success has been 3OH!3 making references to Helen Keller, but I digress.

Mar 22

Zen Palette: A Journey through Paris

By Holly Kaplan

Ah, Paris; the city of lights, love, fine food, fine wine and fine music. If you follow me on social media, you might've figured out that I visited Paris over spring break.

Parisian house music has always been one of my main inspirations for wanting to become a DJ (and female rapper, but those days were brief and my one single from high school will never see the light of day). My first introduction to the French house scene all started when I was only 12-years-old with the  Ed Banger Records crew in 2006. Founded by DJ and producer Busy P, their token female artist/rapper, Uffie, immediately became all I ever wanted to be in life.

Mar 20

The Current: The Jigsaw Puzzle of SXSW

By Lauren Peressini

Courtesy of Do512.

In my personal utopia, I’m not currently in D.C., but rather in Austin, Texas. When I hear Texas I think of Sandy from SpongeBob, cowboy boots, barbeque, and Republicans. Basically, a laundry list of my dislikes. However, South by Southwest is a jigsaw puzzle of all of my favorite things; a Dr. Martens event, Snoop Dogg, a large majority of my iTunes library live, film screenings, a panel about Grumpy Cat, funky fried food, and people who are genuinely passionate about what they create. In lieu of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens I would have a ‘Platinum Badge’ to the set of film, music, and interactive conferences and festivals.