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Apr 14

Rainy Day Music #9: "Hospice"

By Jesse Paller


Last week’s pick, Dilute’s second album, was a piece of beauty that embodied rain in its sound as well as its abstract emotion. This week’s Rainy Day Album does away with the abstract and goes straight for the emotion: Hospice by the Antlers. Thanks to our Promo Director Maeve McDermott for this pick.

Apr 06

Under the Tide: Jack's Mannequin

By Gar Meng Leong


I have respect for many musicians not just because of their musical nous, and how they manage to make a living for themselves by writing tunes for the better good of humanity. Top the feat of overcoming cancer, and it sounds even more terrific.

Apr 04

Introducing VEDAS

By Teta Alim


VEDAS, comprised of vocalist and songwriter Alex Lee and drummer Andrew Monborne, has been hard at work getting ready for their big debut but Lee was able to sit down and have a little chat about the band, music, and being a part of the DC music scene.