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Now Spinning: Hippo Campus Live

November 13 was St.Paul Minnesota band Hippo Campus’ first time headlining a show at the 9:30 club in DC. They have toured in DC a few times before opening up for other artists and headlining at The Black Cat. This is my second time seeing them, the first time being back home in North Carolina, and I can confidently say that they put on an amazing show every time they perform.



Just to prep y’all, this post sort of relates to my last one, so check it out.

I remember the first time I saw this band. They opened for The Neighbourhood (another great band) at Summerfest in Milwaukee some years ago. It was my first concert ever, and I was not disappointed. I remember being there, waiting some seven hours for The Neighbourhood, and this band steps out on stage as the opening act. I remember turning to one of my best friends and saying, “Wow they’re really good, they should be a headliner.” Most people know them from the hit single “Way Down We Go”. It’s very rare to see a folk/blues band that can make it big. The sound they bring is unique, and it reminds me of an older time, a simpler time.


Morgan Saint is the Real Deal

Morgan Saint is awesome. She’s talented, stylish, and dedicated. Although she’s quiet, she knows what she wants. Her debut EP, 17 Hero, dropped in mid-October and she’s ready to show the world what she’s about. Before her first stop on tour, Morgan Saint stopped by our studio for an acoustic session and interview.


“Adult Alternative;” or “White Guy With an Acoustic Guitar”

Matt Nathanson is one of the few acts I have had the privilege of seeing live more than once. So far the only others are Frank Turner and Frightened Rabbit. But he has the special distinction of both times occurring when I was still in high school. I’ve mentioned this before, but Johnstown Pennsylvania isn’t much of a destination for live music so when something vaguely exciting comes everyone goes. And that happened my sophomore year of high school. Kelly Clarkson, of all people, would be playing the Cambria County War Memorial Arena with support by Matt Nathanson. I went primarily for the opener and he honestly put on a better show than Clarkson did. A few months later he was headlining a show in Greensburg and I managed to convince my mom to allow me to go. But his shows are about half music and half comedy shows and are he’s a pretty funny guy.


Free to Be… You and Me: For Woke Toddlers Only

The past few days I’ve been making plans for Thanksgiving break, which is only ten sleeps away! The closer it gets, the more I start to think about seeing my family, and the more one specific album has started popping up in my mind and in my headphones. Free to Be... You and Me was one of the most important records in my upbringing and to this day remains one of the only things my family can listen to in the car without wanting to be at each other’s throats.