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Oct 29

The Tough Crowd: Politics and Punk

By Christina Kelly

AU is all about politics. WVAU is all about music. This week's The Tough Crowd interview combines both, plus it includes my personal love of punk. Everyone knows punk and politics go hand in hand but how does one get involved with the political side of punk? Kristen Strader guides us through her journey into finding the links between the two.

Oct 28

Moi Non Plus: Air

By Paz Monge

Courtesy of

One could think that the only things that would come out of Versailles are Rococo paintings, bourgeois aspirations and gruesome French Revolution memories.

Oct 28

Feedback: Making the Great Gatsby Modern and Popular

By Austin Ryan

the-great-gatsby-2012.jpegCourtesy of Clash Music.

The Great Gatsby is a lurid story, one read over and over in English classes in the USA, but despite its repute it belongs to a different time. The movie version tries to modernize the story by changing up some details, but also through music. This version of the Great Gatsby uses music to create a clean, modern message and make an old story popular.

Oct 24

The Current: Yet Another Article on Ebola

By Lauren Peressini

If you’re reading this column, then you’re most likely aware of the current Ebola crisis. This virus has seemingly created a virus of its own in its spread over all outlets of media, from the tweets of overdramatic teens claiming their common cold is a new strain of Ebola, to actions from the UN broadcasted on CNN.

Oct 22

Another Kind of Currency: Lyrical Themes and Staying Home

By Jonathan Skufca

Courtesy of Coal Camp USA.
On the day of my high school graduation, I couldn’t wait to be three and a half hours away from the place where I lived for 18 years and in our nation’s capital, only to return for breaks. Then my summer internship happened and I grew to love my home (lack of live music be damned). I’m sure the place where I grew up has shaped me and will never really leave me

Oct 22

The Tough Crowd: Transfer Edition

By Christina Kelly


Being a school filled with students from every corner of the globe, almost every AU student can relate to starting over and having to find a new crowd to fit in with. For most of us coming to DC was our big move away from home. For Will Hoffinger, who grew up around these parts, his big move was to Burlington, Vermont for his first few years of college.