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Apr 28

Minutia: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

By Cameron Stewart

I’ve clocked in my four years at this palace of higher education, and as such, I have an infinite amount of wisdom to impart to all of you. Consider yourself privileged to be able to read the thoughts that only that rare intellectual demigod with a Bachelor’s Degree could possibly produce. These lessons are framed in terms of musical culture, but the truth is that my impeccable grasp of the human condition means that these proverbs ought to echo from the heavens. Without further ado, what I learned in college radio is...

Apr 23

Feedback: Step Forward, Look Back

By Austin Ryan

Courtesy of ANTI-.

The end of the semester approaches. With each paper, each article, each self-assigned responsibility I step another inch away from some of my best memories. At times WVAU gave me the best of that best. Since starting on the web staff as the sophomore, generous editors all too kindly lent me a space to write some really overwrought thoughts. The free range helped refine my wandering words into some decently developed points. I do not want to end my time in such a sweet space completely normally. As I step forward, I want to look back into the beginnings of my musical taste as it is today.

Apr 23

The Tough Crowd: In the Bin at Som Records

By Christina Kelly

Courtesy of Washington Post.

Did I risk my life driving in a lightning-infused hail downpour just to get this record? Yes, I did. Was it due to my amazing ability to always procrastinate? Of course. As a second semester senior, at this point, not procrastinating on every last task would just be a lack of commitment to the one skill I truly learned in college.

Apr 20

Porque no los Dos: Surprise! Elvis Crespo at Coachella and "Suavemente"

By Andrea Diaz

While racing to meet a deadline for a class, I received a video via iMessage from my cousin who was at Coachella. I thought it was just a clip of Kaytranada or Jamie XX’s set, but nothing could've prepared me for what I saw on the screen. It was none other than Puerto Rican musician Elvis Crespo making a surprise appearance during Deorro’s set. 

Apr 19

Zen Palette: Misogi

By Holly Kaplan

Courtesy of Misogi's Facebook.

Recently turned 16-years-old, Dubai’s Misogi has been one of my favorite Soundcloud producers since he was only 15. This teenager’s talent was at first extremely underrated by a lot of the Soundcloud community. Not to say that his work goes unappreciated, but it's surprising he wasn't picked up earlier by any of the leading collectives or labels of this Internet niche. In spite all of that, his production and design are impressive and he is now being recognized for his work with a lot of notable new releases in 2015.