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Jun 30

Meet the Parents: Programming Director Lina Alam

By Lina Alam

Lina Alam (previously known as "Duchess," "Yoshimi," "Catalina" while in Argentina, and "Marta" to a French lover) has officially quit her job as Grace Jones' personal stylist. "I've been with Grace since '81," Alam reported, "and it's not that I don't love her. I just need a change."

Jun 30

Meet the Parents: Station Manager Emily Pound

By Emily Pound

Emily is going to be taking on her first semester as Station Manager this fall. As SM, Emily plans on attempting to manage Subsonic, (our awesome music source), struggling to obtain swipe access from Public Safety, striving to order all equipment necessary for the station, and making every effort to keep the studio in order for our DJ's!

Jun 30

Meet the Parents: Art Director Bella Lucy

By Isabella Lucy

Bella is a junior studying Graphic Design and Communications. She grew up all over the world and currently hail from Naples, Italy. She’s been a part of WVAU since her first semester and could not be more excited to take the reins as Art Director this year, creating the station’s promotional content and managing the zine staff.

Jun 28

Meet the Parents: Promo Director Dani Rosen

By Dani Rosen

Dani Rosen is the proud promotions director from Boston, Massachusetts for the best place in the world, WVAU. For the last four semesters, she has been pouring her heart and soul into the social media and presentation of the station and her show, Future Nostalgia.

Jun 26

Meet the Parents: Tech Director Jackson Rubinstein

By Jackson Rubinstein

Jackson Rubinstein is a junior at AU studying audio production. Along with Patrick, he's the tech director for WVAU. He's from the NYC suburb of Yorktown Heights, NY. This is his first semester with WVAU, which he joined to be more involved on campus and meet new people. Plus to work with his boy Patrick.

Jun 24

Meet the Parents: Music Director Ian Evans

By Ian Evans and Ian Evans

Ian wanted to be involved in college radio after listening to the University of Minnesota's college radio station in his hometown of Minneapolis. Ian studies CLEG at AU. Ian joined WVAU in the fall of his first year at AU, initially writing album reviews. He later got his own show. Now in his third year, he is one of the Music Directors. He works with music promotion companies to get cool new stuff to play on air and manages a staff that reviews the music. Ian likes WVAU because he likes being a part of a community that is as passionate about music as he is. Apart from radio, Ian makes a lot of coffee in his free time and grumbles about things.

Jun 24

Meet the Parents: Music Director Barbara Martinez

By Barbara Martinez

Barbara Martinez has been living and breathing her position as Music Director for the past TWO years (!!!) Currently a senior at AU, she's working on a double-major in Public Relations and Sociology (the former capitalizes on the latter.) When not desperately schmoozing for her first "real job," she spends her time making lattes at a local bookstore and likes to sit at Fort Reno underneath her favorite tree up on that hilly side of the park. Barbara is known to spend too much time eating pizza, counting Rackspins, and swooning over Richard M. Nixon.

Jun 22

Meet the Parents: Web Director Tessa Dolt

By Tessa Dolt

Tessa Dolt is the director of the World Wide Web alongside the glowing angel that is Kathleen Lovito. As a sophomore at AU, she studies Print Journalism and is psyched to try making it as a journalist in this big, bad world. Being an indecisive Libra with too many invested interests, she's also taking on two minors - Arabic and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. When she's not kicking it back in the 20016, Tessa is proud to call Philly her home.