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Nov 24

A Look Back at some of Skuffy’s Favorite Musical Moments

By Jonathan Skufca

It’s almost cliché at this point to say that music “does things” to you. We all know it can affect one’s mood, often independent of the lyrical subject matter that may or may not be present. And it goes without saying that there are specific moments within songs that, well, “do things” to me. Mostly positive things, but for every song that makes me want to dance around my dorm room like an ass, there’s one that makes me want to curl into a ball and cry (I wrote about one of those last year). So this week, to keep with the past few good days I’ve had, we’ll be looking at some of my favorite examples of the former. Also, it’s nearing the end of the year, so “best moments” articles are en vogue.

Nov 19

Dancing with the Stars

By Emily Langlois

Lately I’ve been coming to terms with my guilty pleasures and proudly admitting my love for them (i.e. Twilight, Justin Bieber), and right now I’ll just come out and say that I’m pretty obsessed with astrology.

Nov 18

Interviews: Sun Club

By Matt Reise

Sun Club is an experimental indie pop project based out of Baltimore Maryland, and has received a lot of hype over the past few weeks about the release of their first full length album The Dongo Durango. WVAU DJ and music staffer Matt Reise got to meet with band members Devin and Cory behind the scenes after their latest performance at the 9:30 club.

Nov 12

For The Girls About To Rock

By Amanda Jagus

This week we look past the modern musical mistakes of my childhood, and investigate a little bit of classic rock. When I was in middle school, my friend group was inexplicably and obsessively obsessed with the movie School Of Rock. If we were obsessed with the cool music, Miranda Cosgrove, or Jack Black’s schoolboy outfit is still to be determined. One thing for certain, though, is that we were obsessed with AC/DC because of the cult classic film.

Nov 12

Listens of the Week: BreakBot & LXURY

By Jeff Greenberg

I’d like to write about the electronic funk producer BreakBot, who, in 2009 got signed to Ed Banger Records. This 34-year-old French DJ adds a distorted aspect to classic funk music, and makes it feel current by using syncopation, and digital crunchiness. It’s as if A Taste of Honey, The Doobie Brothers, and Michael Jackson came together, and had a baby named BreakBot. It’s a weird name for a baby, but Kim and Kanye named their baby after a direction found on a compass.

Nov 11

The NBHD: The Band that DGAF What You Think of Them

By Arun Raman

I think my favorite thing in the world is to listen to bangers. Bangers are songs that will get you off your feet, move your hands in various directions, and most importantly, get you HYPED. It is almost impossible not to get up and make a fool of yourself while a banger is playing. The Neighbourhood released their second studio album, Wiped Out!, and, oh boy, it is full of bangers. Melodic poetry encompasses your mind as you take this smooth breezy journey with these artists, sung elegantly by the lead singer, Jesse Rutherford. The members of The Neighbourhood are individually talented storytellers who are not afraid to share their true feelings with the world, and could not give a damn whether you care or not.

Nov 10

“Christian” Music isn’t Always Heavy-handed…or Awful

By Jonathan Skufca

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists have given me some very interesting things. Ranging from new discoveries that I’ll probably treasure forever, to the same bands I’ve repeatedly tried and failed to get into. The service at least knows what I SHOULD like. But, this summer, when I was back home in Pennsylvania, I had a very interesting experience that resulted in me having a new band to listen to. But let’s just say I’m glad I actually listened to them first.