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Confessions Of A Post-Glo Gucci Fan

I’ll be the first to admit it -- I wasn’t the biggest Gucci Mane fan. I’ll sing along to “Lemonade” when it comes on at a party, and I’ll remind people not to get lost in the sauce, but nothing more than that. That was prior to the glo.


Frankie Teardrop, "Hell Yep"

Last month, the Minneapolis garage rock group, Frankie Teardrop called it quits with the release of their final album and a string of live shows. The album Hell Yep, released in May, puts an end to the band’s three-year career playing mostly in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest region. Now, you may be wondering, “why do I care about some no-name Minneapolis band’s last album?” My only answer is that the album is a seriously good summer album.


Meet the Parents: General Manager Sean Carolan

Sean Carolan is one-half of the dynamic duo that is WVAU's General Managers. He (along with the Superman to his Batman, Luke Palermo) is responsible for running WVAU and making sure we keep the title of best Student-Run, Internet-Only Radio Station in the US and crushing all who challenge us. Sean is a senior from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania studying Public Relations and minoring in Business and Entertainment. Sean always knew he wanted to do college radio, and knew from the first general interest meeting he went to his freshman year that WVAU was the place for him.