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Feb 10

Discovery Mandy Weekly II

By Amanda Jagus

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and love is in the air whether you like it or not. I forgot about it, myself, until I realized that my discovery weekly playlist was basically force-feeding me songs about love. Everybody might not have a significant other to spend V-day with, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has to stop listening to love songs. Whether you’re snuggling up with your boyfriend or the domino’s delivery guy, there’s a jam for you this February 14th.

Feb 09

Martin Courtney Live @ DC9

By Ben Begas

Backstory: Seeing live performances have been a big part of my time here in DC. I went to my first show back in October not really having been exposed to many different kinds of live music. I saw Saintseneca perform at Black Cat that night. Their music was a hybrid between sweet sounding folk and alternative rock. Their set was unlike anything I had ever seen. The band used instruments that I never even knew existed before that night, including a bouzouki and dulcimer. Before leaving the venue, I decided to talk with some of the bandmates. Although I didn’t have any meaningful conversations with them, I still enjoyed speaking with them. One of the guitarists was actually part of another band that would soon touring through DC. Soon after that, I started seeing bands perform on a weekly basis.

Feb 05

Leading Ladies: 3 Songs to Revisit from 2015

By Teta Alim

Welcome back to “Leading Ladies”!

I’m super stoked to get back to writing about some amazingly talented women in music

from all over the world. To get things started, here’s a sample of what I’m still obsessed

with in 2016.

Jan 28

Interviews: Bayonne

Last Wednesday, as D.C. hunkered down for the impending snowstorm, I sat down with Austin-based artist Roger Sellers to talk about his project Bayonne. He performed his minimalist electronic set at Black Cat later that night. Mom+Pop will release his debut album this upcoming year.

Jan 27

Discovery Mandy Weekly: I

By Amanda Jagus

Mondays used to be my least favorite day of the week. It marked the abrupt ending of a relaxing weekend, and with it ushered in a new set of weekday stress. However, my hatred of Mondays changed when Spotify introduced Discovery Weekly playlists. Every Monday morning, instead of begrudgingly rolling out of bed, I now have the chance to listen to new music. The playlist is a blessing or a curse depending on what the music gods (or Spotify’s algorithms) have prescribed me that week.