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“Iron Lung or Eyes of Love?”: A Review of the Misfits’ Static Age (1978)

You can’t keep a good Danzig down. That man has led bands that have defined entire genres, be it horror-punk, death-rock, and whatever the fuck his namesake band decides to be. Actually, it has; garbage. But, while the New Jersey Devil himself may have lost both his singing ability and his relevancy, the legacy left by his first band, The Misfits, remains untouchable. Their music has influenced everyone and anyone, from the pontificators of pop-punk in Blink-182, the thanes of thrash in Metallica, the Saints of Sikk Riffz in Screaming Females. Hell, even Sasha Grey loves The Misfits.


Rock Music Has Never Heteronormative

When I heard recently that Bob Dylan joined Kesha, St. Vincent, and other artists in creating “Universal Love,” an EP dedicated to taking older hits and giving them a same-sex romantic narrative, I was pretty surprised. I never figured that Bob Dylan was homophobic, but I never imagined him as someone who would show public support for LGBT rights. 


Nature and the Subconscious

Hi friends, today we are going to examine the band Vaults and their song “One Last Night” which, yes, is in the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack but honestly, that soundtrack has some pretty rad songs so give the whole soundtrack a listen. Most people claim that even though the movie was horrible, they had a brilliant soundtrack.