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Apr 25

Shaken Not Stirred: The Head and the Heart on KEXP

By Anna Zipkin


Although I am not a singer, I imagine that attempting to keep harmonies in sync and accurately stacked throughout a song is incredibly difficult. The Head and the Heart, for no other reason than being comprised of talented musicians, manages to hit every harmonious chord on point, every time.

Apr 25

Feedback: Bastion's Soundtrack

By Austin Ryan


In 2012 an independent developer released Bastion, a somewhat clumsy platformer and arcade style third person shooter for the computers. The gameplay and the art style, while interesting, did not make quite as big a splash as its soundtrack.

Apr 24

633 Ashland Ave.: The World's Fastest Record, "Lazaretto"

By Zach Ewell


On April 21, Third Man Records, Jack White’s privately owned record label, released their video of the fastest vinyl ever recorded and sold. In anticipation for Jack White’s newest solo album, White held an all-exclusive short performance for his newest single “Lazaretto” in his studio at Third Man Records located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Apr 23

Leading Ladies: An Introspection

By Teta Alim

1447_413159_334476783277975_1512668051_oSo, why did I start writing “Leading Ladies”? Well, firstly, it was a personal exercise to find more music by female artists because for the longest time, my playlists were heavily saturated with large amounts of Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, and the like. It wasn’t a bad thing but for a while, I just wasn’t listening to a lot of female musicians.

Apr 22

The Tough Crowd: Meeting Mr. Liebling

By Christina Kelly

pentragram.jpgCourtesy of CV Comics.

On Saturday I met a real life rock star. A 70’s icon decked out with big long hair, tight jeans and his mother’s blouse. I (and all of my friends) met Bobby Leibling, vocalist of the legendary doom metal band Pentagram. I experienced the whole nine yards: the backstage shenanigans, the sound check, the horrified look on my club advisor’s face. All were priceless memories I will cherish forever.

Apr 20

Minutia: Slint - The "Spiderland" Reissue

By Cameron Stewart


I was watching the documentary Breadcrumb Trails on the making of Slint’s Spiderland (I can’t recommend either highly enough) and I was totally immersed in the story of these off-the-wall teenagers making music unlike anything before (and pretty much after).

Apr 20

Under the Tide: Jamie Woon

By Gar Meng Leong


An amalgamation of music genres by musicians isn’t all that uncommon these days. You even have new genres arising from time to time (PBR&B, Chillwave, Slowcore) to add to the confusion when trying to place a finger on someone’s brand of music. Thankfully, no such “trailblazing” genre has been attributed to British singer-songwriter Jamie Woon.

Apr 18

Feedback: Songs for Tough Times

By Austin Ryan


These five songs never fail to cheer me up when I feel down. These songs do just the trick whenever I run into a rough patch with work, school, or the numinous transcendent terrors that rend at the frail soul beneath this meat-wall of sinews and corpuscles.

Apr 17

Shaken Not Stirred: Cloud Nothings at the Black Cat

By Anna Zipkin


Raggedy, full-grown beard: check. Loose fitting, probably vintage flannel: check. Greasy, lion’s mane hair: check. What more could you ask for from a three-piece, indie rock band? Well, besides a hardcore drumbeat to make you jump repeatedly and buzzing guitar melodies to make your ears ring, probably nothing. This past Wednesday night, Ohio based band, Cloud Nothings, proved their indie rock status at D.C.’s Black Cat nightclub and did not fall short of igniting a head-bopping, intensely energetic fueled atmosphere for the crowd.