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Apr 12

Zen Palette: An Exclusive Interview with Moving Castle

By Holly Kaplan

You'll always be able to find the squad lingering in the WVAU studio now with a can of QT.

If you listen to my Sunday radio show Smoove Grooves, you might find that at least one song I play is usually from an artist that's part of the Internet-based, electronic music collective  Moving Castle.

The Sunday before their much anticipated D.C. showcase at U Street Music Hall by Closed Sessions and Nu Androids, I was able to catch up with most of the members of Moving Castle who were performing that night and interviewed them on my radio show. Here's what's happening with  Manila Killa (Chris G.), Robokid (Ethan B.), Hunt For The Breeze (Faysal M.), Dirty Chocolate (Emmanuel O.), Yung Wall Street (Andrew Aluko) and TJANI.

Listen to the full interview here:

Apr 10

Live in the Hive: Quarterbacks

By Sydney Gore

A few months back, Dean Engle of QUARTERBACKS dropped by the WVAU studio for a private session before the release of the band's debut self-titled album. In-between an intimate acoustic performance, Engle sat down with us and talked in detail about piecing the record together, growing up and growing old in New Paltz, and teaching in the schools that he used to attend as a youth.

Apr 08

Another Kind of Currency: The Jam, “The Eton Rifles”

By Jonathan Skufca

Courtesy of The Guardian.

The Jam was a band that I'd always meant to get into throughout high school. Digging through their extensive back catalog always seemed daunting to me, but then senior year of high school happened and senioritis struck. I had to spend my time doing something and you know damn well it wasn't studying for AP Physics. I typically have a rule that I listen to any music released before 1980 on vinyl first, but my local record store was pretty lacking in the punk section. So I turned to Spotify. Luckily their stuff is mastered well enough that it’s still listenable in digital formats. I’m not sure what was the order I listened to their stuff, but the two albums that struck me the most, and ended up being the first albums of theirs I owned on vinyl, are This Is the Modern World and Setting Sons. And it is the latter album that one of my favorite songs of theirs, “The Eton Rifles,” comes from. 

Apr 07

Feedback: Are Musical Genres Meaningless?

By Austin Ryan

Courtesy of Click on English.

These days no one’s a philistine. You love a little bit of art some way or another unless you have literally lodged yourself under a rock. Even then I am sure some far-flung poem or portrait captures that subterranean experience so well you could make it yours and call it “rock-core.” In modern get-togethers folks munch on media as much as real food so you need as many words for the entertainment as the main course.

Apr 07

The Tough Crowd: In the Bin at Joint Custody

By Christina Kelly

I learned the hard way that Easter Sunday isn’t exactly the best time to go record shopping. Luckily, punk rock never takes a break and Joint Custody was open till 8pm. This stroke of fate was good for this article but bad for my wallet. Now, since my 1970’s dollar bin finds have completely taken over my record cabinet, leaving me in need of more record storage, I decided to forego Joint Custody’s dollar bin for the buy-however-many-get-some-free deal. In lieu of dollar deals I opted for pricier 7”’s that would take up less precious storage space.