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Nature and the Subconscious

By Morgan Bluma | 20/4/18 1:12pm

Hi friends, today we are going to examine the band Vaults and their song “One Last Night” which, yes, is in the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack but honestly, that soundtrack has some pretty rad songs so give the whole soundtrack a listen. Most people claim that even though the movie was horrible, they had a brilliant soundtrack.

This band is not well known which is a little surprising and odd as they are on the soundtrack of such a widely known movie franchise. This song is also one of the more underground songs featured on the soundtrack which also features The Weeknd (who I talked about in my last post) and Ellie Goulding. Out of all the songs on this soundtrack, this is by fair my favorite. This song just gives me so many feels. This band actually is just amazing and deserves more credit for the ability to create such touching art through music and sounds. This band also has a pretty rad vibe to them.

For this song to be in a movie about intense love, it seems odd as this song is a bit dark. It’s not your usual break up song about being heartbroken either. Featured in this song is emotional strings and staccato notesthat gives it the sad vibe like most break up songs. But what’s interesting is that there is electronic music over it that gives it a happier, more upbeat vibe.The lead singer Blythe Pepino delivers a dramatic ballad with a hopeful message of perseverance.

Let’s get into the deeper thoughts I’ve had while listening to this song. I have found that Nature, or a higher power, dictates that when we fall in love, we invariably fall out of love. And one is usually left abandoned because people do not fall out of love in tandem, together. One is always left behind with a heart that feels so desperately sore. Hence the abandoned partner of literature, lyrics and so on.It is Nature's cruel trick as Nature has no morals. Nature is simply interested in what it is responsible for. I also really like the fact that within this song, they acknowledge the possibility of our subconscious telling us what is really in our feelings and hearts. Our dreams, I believe, can say a lot of what we know to be true or what we want to be true. Exploring our subconscious is one of the most fascinating areas to me. To me, we can never really know or understand who we are. We can try, but the human brain and subconscious is so vast, that we can never truly understand ourselves. Much like how we can never really understand Nature.

Alrighty, have a lovely day my little hippies!!