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Zine Staff

Kyle Mendelsohn

I’m Kyle and you can catch me yelling about Frank Ocean or crying in SOC. Probably doing both. I’m the entry-level dad at the barbecue who is only dating you for your rooftop views of D.C.

Rebecca Sakaguchi

a comp sci and graphic design major named rebecca from the mystical lands of delaware who loves all things art unless it involves drawing hands!

Elly Murray-Mendelson

Elly Murray-Mendelson is a freshman, communication studies major. She’s from San Francisco, California.

Suah Cheong

Suah Cheong is a sophomore at AU and a serial narcissist. She also likes bread, music, and dogs.

Nana Gongadze

nana gongadze is a writer, artist, and music loving ukrainian-american who hails from the washington dc area.