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Zine Staff

Sana Makke

Sana Makke is a box bandit and collage advocate who aims to make socially conscious art when she's not sleeping. For her brief moments of consciousness, you can find her complaining about her lack of veganism, the current state of politics, and TDR. 

Israel Herrera

Hi my name is Israel but I️ occasionally go by Ezra. I️ am majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Communications (fun)! And let’s be honest here, I️ enjoy memes more than I’d like to admit.

Claire Ivers

Law and Society major and DC native Claire is a freshman who’s been a junkie for the live music scene since she toddled at her first steely dan show. You’ll likely find her promoting her procrastination playlists or trying to find her water bottle. This is Ivers first year on zine staff.

Kira Cusick

Kira is a freshman Anthropology major from Norwalk, CT. She loves learning new languages and Barry B. Benson.

Maria Carrasco

Maria is a junior and a new zine staff member! She's lived all over, but considers Chicago her home. You can catch her on campus listening to a lot of sad music, typically Mitski or Car Seat Headrest.

Emily Shelton

Emily “Rocky” Shelton is a full-time communications student, part-time punk rock golden retriever impersonator. She is from Cincinnati Ohio, and will still smile at you in the mosh pit, solely in midwestern spirit.

Luci Rascher

Raised in Frederick, MD, double majoring in SIS and Film and Media Arts, and passionate about hiking and a good-a** cup of coffee.

Sofia Piedrahita

Born and raised in LA, Sofia is a big fan of old school hip hop n' punk, Latino political engagement, and complaining about the weather when it drops below 70 degrees. She's studying criminal justice and looks forward to her first year on the zine staff.

Thea Persaud

DMV Native. Sophomore majoring in Film and Media Arts. Lover of plants, power naps, and good music.

Abby Nix

Abby Nix is a freshman, currently undeclared in SOC. She is originally from Philadelphia and will make sure everyone knows it. She loves music and movies, especially ones directed by Wes Anderson. This is her first year on the Zine Staff.

Maddi Cole

Maddi Cole is a political science major repping texas at all times. you'll usually find her surrounded by coffee and talking about ramen.

Eve Hauser

A product of Brooklyn, New York, Eve enjoys cuddling with her cat, drinking hot tea, and listening to Belle and Sebastian. This is her first year on zine staff.

Allison Desy

Weird gecko mom, probably crying to Joni or Carole right now.

Ruby Baden

Ruby Baden is from Baltimore, Maryland. She is a freshman majoring in Business and Entertainment.

Erin Armstrong

Plant enthusiast and dumpster diving professional, Erin Armstrong is a Chicago native majoring in Studio Arts and Women’s and minoring in Gender Studies.

Anand Srinivasan

I drink my flavored whey like it's hot chocolate so clearly I'm all grown up now

Cam Diagonale

Cam Diagonale is a sophomore from NC studying print journalism & creative writing. She never shuts up about her home state, banana bread, or surf rock, & she invites anyone who thinks Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't the best Spider-Man film of all time to fight her.

Elly Murray-Mendelson

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Elly Mendelson carries hyphy vibes with her everywhere, loves underground hip hop, and napping

Suah Cheong, Art Director

Suah Cheong is is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun.

Nana Gongadze

Nana Gongadze is a sophomore majoring in art history and public relations. She struggles with being able to make herself sound very interesting in a very short space, so just take her word for it!