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Olivia Donohue

I don't actually wear glasses. My face is perfect for it, though. Every time I go to Warby Parker the sales people fawn over how good I look in even the most daring of glasses styles, and then, like the leper touched by Christ, my eyes magically heal when I take off the glasses and walk out the door having spent no money. I also cry a lot and have weird taste in almost everything.

Amanda Jagus

Amanda hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she's not writing about music that she thought made her cool, she can be most likely be found at the Tenleytown McDonald's or taking mirror selfies in the SIS bathroom. 

Milo Paul

Milo is hoping to major in Political Science and is considering taking up music journalism as a minor (if that even exists). They like to play in bands, so if you have a band, let them know if they can join and subsequently take over songwriting duties. 

Emily Shelton

Emily “Rocky” Shelton is a full-time communications student, part-time punk rock golden retriever impersonator. She is from Cincinnati Ohio, and will still smile at you in the mosh pit, solely in midwestern spirit.

​Rosa Pyo

Rosa Pyo is a freshmen studying journalism. She is a mediocre dancer (but that can't stop the passion in her heart), loves mispronouncing common words, an avid watcher of Rick and Morty, the "a" at the end of her name stand for attitude, and she hates talking in third person.

Noor Hannosh

Noor Hannosh is freshman majoring in CLEG who is trying to minor in Arabic (let's see how that goes). She loves music, obviously, as well as running, sipping on lattes, and going through existential crises.

Giliann Karon

Giliann Karon is a sophomore majoring in CLEG. She once crowd surfed at a Green Day concert and will talk about it every chance she gets. She hails from Cleveland and claims to be an avid Cavs fan, but only actually pays attention during the Playoffs.

Miguel Wilson

Miguel is a freshman studying Business Administration. When he's not petting dogs, he's probably napping.

Maddie Haines

Maddie Haines is a freshman who is undecided as heck! She's a proud Gemini and a lover of overalls, dad rock, and avocado rolls. Her long term goals include meeting Stevie Nicks and owning a kitten named Chickpea.

Katherine Mickewich

Katherine is a Libra and a freshman majoring in international studies. Despite her major she is very passionate about music and writing. She's from Newtown, Connecticut and can more often than not be found daydreaming while drinking bubble tea.

Morgan Bluma

Morgan is double majoring in Literature and Journalism and is obsessed with anything having to do with folklore. She loves going on nature walks and getting lost on adventures. Dancing in her bedroom alone is one of many talents.

Johanna Zenn

Johanna is a sophomore studying Psychology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. When she isn’t in class, she can be found listening to her iPod nano that she’s had since 2014

Emma-Rose Partin

Emma-Rose is an undeclared sophomore with firmly rooted interests in expressive fashion, New Hollywood cinema, and moving off the grid to raise chickens, kittens, and puppies in tandem.

Jonathan Skufca

Jonathan “Skuffy” Skufca is a seeming walking contradiction. He manages to juggle a degree in Business & Entertainment along with another in Music and have enough free time to play trombone and euphonium in various campus musical ensembles and be on WVAU’s web staff.