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Will Goodwin

Sometimes, I'll wake up in a cold sweat, go to the mirror, see the man staring back, and wonder, "Where has all the time gone?" But I don't worry for long.

Skylar Tucker

Skylar is the host and DJ of her show, The Protocol, which airs every Monday 11AM-12PM. She loves to discuss why she and Common are astrologically identical, why she loves Rihanna as a style icon more than she enjoys her as an artist, and how the millennial generation was too young to experience the best era of R&B.

Twitter: @SkylarSincerely

Aubrey Gelpieryn

Aubrey is in the constant state of being unclear if she's a junior or sophomore technically. She takes being a libra very seriously and likes Green Day more than you do.

Carolyn Schneider & Conor MacVarish

Taurus dream team, baby!!!!! Carolyn used to be known as the freshman girl with blue hair, but now she's a junior and doesn't know anything anymore.

Abi Roberts

Abi Roberts is a Freshman interested in Comm Studies and Art History. She had everything figured out until she actually got to college, and now all she cares about are her eyebrows.

José Alvarado

José Alvarado is a Sophomore at AU studying International Relations. When he's not listening to Icelandic whale calls, you can find him playing guitar, presiding over McDowell Hall Council, and wondering what it would be like to be a Caribbean politician.