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Will Goodwin

Sometimes, I'll wake up in a cold sweat, go to the mirror, see the man staring back, and wonder, "Where has all the time gone?" But I don't worry for long.

Skylar Tucker

Skylar is the host and DJ of her show, The Protocol, which airs every Monday 11AM-12PM. She loves to discuss why she and Common are astrologically identical, why she loves Rihanna as a style icon more than she enjoys her as an artist, and how the millennial generation was too young to experience the best era of R&B.

Twitter: @SkylarSincerely

Aubrey Gelpieryn

Aubrey is in the constant state of being unclear if she's a junior or sophomore technically. She takes being a libra very seriously and likes Green Day more than you do.

Carolyn Schneider & Conor MacVarish

Taurus dream team, baby!!!!! Carolyn used to be known as the freshman girl with blue hair, but now she's a junior and doesn't know anything anymore.

Emily Langlois

Emily is a sophomore who loves dirty bass and long walks on the beach. You can always catch her crying over pugs, obsessing over astrology, and complaining.

Abi Roberts

Abi Roberts is a Freshman interested in Comm Studies and Art History. She had everything figured out until she actually got to college, and now all she cares about are her eyebrows.