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Will Goodwin

Sometimes, I'll wake up in a cold sweat, go to the mirror, see the man staring back, and wonder, "Where has all the time gone?" But I don't worry for long.

Aubrey Gelpieryn

Aubrey is in the constant state of being unclear if she's a junior or sophomore technically. She takes being a libra very seriously and likes Green Day more than you do.

Abi Roberts

Abi Roberts is a Freshman interested in Comm Studies and Art History. She had everything figured out until she actually got to college, and now all she cares about are her eyebrows.

José Alvarado

José Alvarado is a Sophomore at AU studying International Relations. When he's not listening to Icelandic whale calls, you can find him playing guitar, presiding over McDowell Hall Council, and wondering what it would be like to be a Caribbean politician.

Hana Braverman

A Business major who worships whatever god created heelys  Besides constantly being on soundcloud, she often makes gestures during class to trick her professors into believing she understands the course material. 

Eowyn Fain

Ironically jokes that she’s indie trash while knowing full well that she really is. Likes include: DnD, succulents, Oscar Wilde, hugs, terrible puns, unexpected flute solos.

Olivia Donohue & Brandon Breazeale

Olivia and Brandon are two anxious little punks who don’t have the guts to get undercuts and are too lazy to take care of piercings and tattoos.

Owen Robinson

Owen is a sophomore and History major hailing from the far off shores of Rhode Island.

Alex Healy

Alex was born at a young age in a small town in Mississippi. Since then, he's made his way to DC to study economics, rock Chelsea style boots, and fool people into thinking he's cool.

Tyler Lin

Tyler’s an American Born Chinese Lit major, slam poet, and contrarian on a mission to upset societal norms through incredibly loud, passive protest.

Calkie Fisseha

Calkie is probably the coolest person you've ever met. And that's okay. It's pretty standard, actually.

Ricardo Vasquez​

Suits, Netflix, Instruments, EDM, LA. That pretty much sums me up.

Madden McDonagh

Madden is proud to be a 5th semester DJ on WVAU, an obnoxious New Yorker, an Irish girl missing the home country, and a Bob Dylan enthusiast.

April Dietrich

April Dietrich is a sophomore at AU and the host of Age of Aquarius.  She likes a lot of old music and also some new music, but mostly likes making other people listen to the music that she likes.

Amelia Covington

DJ Amelia Capri Covington, a.k.a. DJ Amemelia, a.k.a. DJ Capri Sun, is an emotional virgo prone to procrastination and existential crises.

Amanda Jagus

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Amanda vehemently insists she's 'different' Likes include: Bad coffee, ironically listening to Dave Matthews, and pizza rolls.

Bailey Cunningham

SIS student by day, witch by night. Loves groovy beats, yelling about sexual health, and Game of Thrones (Sansa haters need not apply).

Louis Potashnik

Louis Potashnik is a boy who cannot simply be put into words. After working and participating in the alternative music scene for several years, he has come to deliver the most obscure, dark, UN-listenable music imaginable to the masses!

Luke Palermo

Luke Palermo is a species of  crab native to Japan, with a shell that bears a pattern resembling a human face which many believed to be the face of an angry samurai hence the nickname Samurai Crab.

Christine Miyashiro

Christine Miyashiro is a musical theater and political science double major and has little to no idea what she plans on doing after she graduates.

Caleb Gleit

Caleb Gleit is a 18 year old freshman at American University. He intends to major in Public Relations, and minor in graphic design.