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Twisted Love

Plenty of people have strong feelings towards Selena, good or bad, but I’ve always admired her for being incredibly positive and down to earth. It’s interesting how much we idolize celebrities and artists, even though we don’t know them personally. I’ve never met Selena or even been to one of her concerts (honestly what college student can even afford concerts anymore), yet I still feel connected to her through her music. 



Just to prep y’all, this post sort of relates to my last one, so check it out.

I remember the first time I saw this band. They opened for The Neighbourhood (another great band) at Summerfest in Milwaukee some years ago. It was my first concert ever, and I was not disappointed. I remember being there, waiting some seven hours for The Neighbourhood, and this band steps out on stage as the opening act. I remember turning to one of my best friends and saying, “Wow they’re really good, they should be a headliner.” Most people know them from the hit single “Way Down We Go”. It’s very rare to see a folk/blues band that can make it big. The sound they bring is unique, and it reminds me of an older time, a simpler time.


Losing One's Self

You know how essentially everyone has three personalities: with their friends, family, and by themselves. In different spaces, we present different parts of ourselves to fit the situation. There’s always that idea of whether to follow your head or your heart. It’s in our humanity to adapt. We change who we are according to what is deemed better. There is almost an unspoken rule of how to act in certain situations.