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Beauty in Pain

If there is one song in the entire world that I could listen on loop forever, it would be this song. This song appears in one of the best films in the world, In the Mood for Love, where it is repeated several times throughout the film’s fairly small soundtrack. Even if you haven’t seen the film, this song creates a feeling of longing. The simplicity of this song still causes moments of great sorrow and pain. Music is a very important aspect of film and can create emotions that the scenes cannot by themselves. This film is not like most romantic movies, as it has a great deal of sorrow in it. There are essentially no happy endings in this film. The film is a masterpiece and the music in it, especially this song, help the film reach this status. If I could have a soundtrack for my life, this song would be on it. This song is timeless. It’s poetry without words and the soul of romance. As long as there is love, there will be sad stories. As long as there are sad stories, there will be beautiful music. Music that makes us fall in love and out of love as well.


Fury Boiling Within

I’m not usually a fan of electric music like David Guetta but I believe this song has a good mix. The lyrics are very repetitive but are secure. The fast pace that begins then leads to the slower pace is a perfect mix. It’s not too fast, and not too slow. This song is perfect to listen to if someone is pushing you down. I am also not a huge fan of self-empowering music, but this song is the exception. I feel we all need one song in our lives to bring us up once we have been kicked to the curb. Looking at the lyrics, all the lyrics have to do with rising up and not letting people push you down. I am a firm believer in being the “bigger person” but also not letting someone trample over you. I understand that we all cannot be strong all the time. We are human, we have breakdowns and that is when I think you should listen to this song.