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Nature and the Subconscious

Hi friends, today we are going to examine the band Vaults and their song “One Last Night” which, yes, is in the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack but honestly, that soundtrack has some pretty rad songs so give the whole soundtrack a listen. Most people claim that even though the movie was horrible, they had a brilliant soundtrack.


To Hurt or Not To Hurt…

We are going to go a little mainstream with the music this week. But this album was just released so it seems appropriate. I am looking at one specific song from the album but you should definitely listen to the entire album as it is fairly well done. I wanted to discuss The Weeknd because most of his songs focus on the concept of darkness which is very rare and unique. Many singers avoid incorporating these ideas into their music because they worry it can affect them in their personal lives. But, for The Weeknd, he's truly genuine and sincere through his music in every song he makes. This is the way he feels in real life and he expresses all of his true emotions, feelings, and thoughts in his songs which we as fans appreciate. 


Are Actions Louder Than Words?

Just watched the newer film, Call Me By Your Name, and I have fallen in love with the soundtrack. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading this and go watch it right now and then come back.