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Classical Music Can Be Catchy?! No Way... (But Yes Way)

I have listened to Lindsey Stirling since she first started and dropped her first songs. I remember when she appeared on American's Got Talent and she just got crushed by the judges. I couldn't believe their responses to her unique talent that I instantly feel in love with. When she first started to make her YouTube videos, I remember being so happy because she had decided to continue with this unique talent and her dream. She is the perfect icon for any person to keep following their dreams even when literally everyone is tearing you down.


Addictive Thoughts

Y’all need to stop what you’re doing and read this thought-provoking journal for today’s column. I just discovered this song the other day and I cannot stop listening to it. This artist is not well known and so therefore there is not a lot written about him or the type of music he is creating. But that will not stop us from diving deep into this song.


The Nostalgic Road Trip

Hello my beautiful lovelies, I say let’s go on a road trip. You know that game where you have to pick one book you would want on a deserted island for the rest of your life. This is kind of similar.