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'Teens of Denial': An Album to Play While You Dissociate

A bad trip has never sounded so cool. Car Seat Headrest’s album Teens of Denial slips your drugged induced panic attack into a leather jacket and gives it a swipe of oxblood lipstick. Maybe it’s not a true concept album, but all 12 songs revolve around stumbling through young adulthood while being strung out on whatever shit you can find.


TV Girl Concert Review

I’m pretty sure I’m TV Girl’s biggest fan. Granted, there’s like, 30 of us, so that’s not a huge accomplishment. 50 other people and I huddled in the basement of Comet Ping Pong on Monday. A single color changing light hung above the stage. The venue was small and the single female face felt mysterious and alluring. I didn’t know who she was, or rather, who she was supposed to be.


So I Guess Alt-Country is a Thing?

The emo scene is evolving. It used to be middle schoolers with jet black jagged hair writing Never Shout Never lyrics on their hands. In the early 2010s, it slid into bed with indie rock after a night of too many menthols and PBRs. Out popped greater. This new generation is just as sad and angry, but we’re able to express our emotions a little better. We still have our black eyeliner, but we’ve learned how to clean up our wings.