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Made in the Midwest

There’s something different about local music. A tiny part of you feels indebted to them, like it’s your duty to listen for the sake of repping where you come from. The listener and the artist have both driven down the same roads, eaten at the same restaurants, and rooted for the same sports teams. Culture drives our identity. Music is simply a manifestation of the artist’s and listener’s common experiences. Identity directly influences the music that one creates. In turn, listeners feel a bond with artists from their hometown.


'Teens of Denial': An Album to Play While You Dissociate

A bad trip has never sounded so cool. Car Seat Headrest’s album Teens of Denial slips your drugged induced panic attack into a leather jacket and gives it a swipe of oxblood lipstick. Maybe it’s not a true concept album, but all 12 songs revolve around stumbling through young adulthood while being strung out on whatever shit you can find.