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Rina Sawayama: The Savior Asian American Girls Need

The Asian identity is fragment in popular culture. The stories, music, and culture have never been adequately told and how can it be when there are is such little representation. Just recently the Asian community has gained traction in the music industry with the K-pop group, BTS. This accomplishment of breaking through the metaphorical bamboo ceiling and rushing into the Western music scene is nothing short of spectacular, however what about the Asians from the West. Those who represent their own catalytic culture of East and West.


An Ode to the Music of My Childhood

Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgia. Maybe it’s because we are more than a month into the New Year. Maybe it’s because its my first year of college. Maybe it's just because and there is no rhyme or reason to these kind of things. We just feel how we feel sometimes and that’s okay.



It's a bit bold of a statement to say that Holocene is a confusing song. Especially since there is such a flow to the song, but I guess that’s the point, you don’t know of this great illusion. There is a constant, threading of the strumming of two guitars to create the illusion of having a continuous sound, almost an infinite loop as one instruments ends as another quietly begins.