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Rock Music Has Never Heteronormative

When I heard recently that Bob Dylan joined Kesha, St. Vincent, and other artists in creating “Universal Love,” an EP dedicated to taking older hits and giving them a same-sex romantic narrative, I was pretty surprised. I never figured that Bob Dylan was homophobic, but I never imagined him as someone who would show public support for LGBT rights. 


Mirror in the Sky

While writing “Landslide,” Stevie Nicks most likely did not anticipate the impact that it would have upon endless generations of young people who were desperate to understand the endless changes in the transition into adulthood. 


Teenage Girls and “Real” Music

As a teenager trying to separate myself from everyone else, I tried my hardest to let everyone know that I listened to “real” music, meaning that I wasn’t listening to top 40. I thought this made me the most different and special person on the planet. Alas, I’m definitely not the only person who’s ever went through this. I’m not invalidating my 13 year old self, nor any other young girl trying to find their individuality at such an awkward time of life. The problem is, when young girls try to find “real” music, they’re often only exposed to the male voice.