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Now Spinning: The hyper production of music

Remember One Direction? Well even if you do I am going to remind you; they were a British boy band put together on the singing competition show “The X-Factor” that has since lost a member and gone on a hiatus. Now I am not here to tell you the history of One Direction but they are the perfect example of hyper production in the music industry. When they were still together they would release an album, go on a world tour, record their next album while on tour, and release it exactly a year later. So essentially they rushed album production to keep their fans happy, and they aren’t the only ones.


Now Spinning: The Smiths

It is about time that I wrote about The Smiths. The Manchester band have been my favorite since at least the summer before my junior year of high school. I listen to them all the time, they are great for when you are sad and just want to mope in it and they are good when you just want some good tunes.


Now Spinning: The Echelon Effect

With the start of the semester kicking into full gear I thought I would write about an artist that I like to listen to when I seriously need to focus on my work without the distraction of lyrics that I have memorized and beats that take me away from my work. I was never really a fan of instrumental music like this until I started to listen to this band.