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Kali Uchis: A Night of Firsts

It was around two years ago when I miraculously happened upon Kali Uchis. Then, she was being promoted as the “spicy Amy Winehouse.” Thankfully, today she is being held in her own category. To say the least, it has been so rewarding to see her grow throughout her musical journey, and finally get the recognition she deserves. Her performance on Tuesday, October 17 at the U Street Music Hall, just so happened to be her very first performance in Washington, D.C. Ironically, this venue held the very first concert she ever attended.


Kid Cudi 10/8: A Night of Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin’

They say the best things in life are born from spontaneity. My experience at Kid Cudi’s A Night of Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin’ show at Echostage on October 8 proved this idea true. I found out that I had a ticket at 8:00p.m., made it to Echostage (thanks to my trusty, red Nissan Altima, Betsy) at 8:45p.m., and Cudi took to the stage (with no opener) at 9:09p.m.


Why Nayhoo?

Contrary to its succinct, blunt definition on Urban Dictionary (made by someone named Keith in 2004), “Nayhoo” has nothing to do with being a “very uncool person of African American heritage.” I know, you’re scratching your head thinking “What is ‘nayhoo’?” Honestly, the bigger question is who wronged Keith, but that’s neither here nor there.