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Babyface: Music Magician

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds not only has a stretch of Indianan highway named in his honor; he also has played a hand in creating countless R&B hits in his music career. What better way to show appreciation for R&B than to acknowledge someone that knows it best?


New Age R&B

In the world of music, it is no surprise to see artists mature throughout their careers, and I, like many others, enjoy following their progress. What is even more exciting to see is the evolution of the music industry itself. In this week’s edition of Nayhoo, I’d like to take a peek into the new developments being made in R&B today.


Can R&B Transcend Color?

For years, R&B has been directly equated to Black culture. Society seems to be in the dark about the diversity in R&B (past and present). As an African American, I personally treasure R&B (I mean, hello, my column), and I can see why some are standoffish about sharing what many would say is “ours."