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Take Me Back Home Part 1 - Miami

Upon deciding what to write this week, I became inspired by thinking all of the people i’ve met at AU. Though American is not the most racially diverse place, it is pretty geographically diverse. I’ve met people here from Missouri to Hawaii to South Korea, and most of my friends are from vastly different places than I am. So i’ve decided to begin a series inspired by the music my friends grew up around and that shapes their music taste today. When I think of the music that I grew up with in Connecticut, a distinct sound doesn’t really come to mind. Other than the DIY music scene, Connecticut doesn’t really have a clear vibe or a city that could define a sound. Of course there are East Coast inspired artists but none specific to my area that dominate the vibes. So, it’s really fascinating to me when I hear about the music my friends listen to that does have regional significance.


The Genius of Kehlani's "You Should Be Here"

Anyone paying attention to r&b or hip-hop has to know the name Kehlani. She’s had chart successes to a certain extent but most know her for her more recent, hip-hop focused album SweetSexySavage, Distraction and Undercover being the more popular tracks. But I want to draw more attention to her 2015 EP titled You Should Be Here. While I liked SweetSexySavage to a degree, I can say that You Should Be Here will remain on my favorite album list for a very long time.


Let's Talk About the Grammys

The 2018 Grammy awards were underwhelming to say the least. Some (including me) may say that Bruno Mars didn’t deserve to win the three biggest awards of the night, but something was surprisingly lackluster at these particular awards despite Mars’ accolades.