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The Genius of Kehlani's "You Should Be Here"

Anyone paying attention to r&b or hip-hop has to know the name Kehlani. She’s had chart successes to a certain extent but most know her for her more recent, hip-hop focused album SweetSexySavage, Distraction and Undercover being the more popular tracks. But I want to draw more attention to her 2015 EP titled You Should Be Here. While I liked SweetSexySavage to a degree, I can say that You Should Be Here will remain on my favorite album list for a very long time.


Let's Talk About the Grammys

The 2018 Grammy awards were underwhelming to say the least. Some (including me) may say that Bruno Mars didn’t deserve to win the three biggest awards of the night, but something was surprisingly lackluster at these particular awards despite Mars’ accolades.