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Not Like the Other Boys: Songs That Enable Softboys

By now, the term softboy has become a ubiquitous part of millennial vernacular. Popular discourse hypothesizes that the softboy is the antithesis of the f-boy. However, I argue that softboys are the “sensitive” foils to f-boys that wield their emotions in a different, yet still destructive manner. Which begs the question, why are they like this? What empowers softboys to drain women of their emotional labor, while maintaining that “they are bad people” without doing anything to own up to the fact? Who gave them a “not like the other boys complex?” I spend a lot of time thinking about what made me think I was not like the other girls, and why not being like the other girls was cool. Some may say, “Amanda, are you projecting?’” The answer is yes, absolutely. Regardless, I’m deep diving into songs that enable this special type of misogyny.


Not Like The Other Girls: Jukebox The Ghost

It’s a cold November morning, the time of year when it would still be dark on the bus ride to school. My normal group of neighborhood friends have either missed their buses or have been lovingly driven to school by their mothers; thus leaving me alone to ponder thoughts such as my newfound B cups, David from 4th period, and whether or not I should get those feather extensions that everyone seemed to have. My head is pressed against a foggy bus window, as I look forlornly at the suburban houses passing by me. My purple iPod Nano rests gingerly in my hand, with its pink Skullcandy headphones pumping melancholy indie pop through my ears. The flavor of the month is “Victoria” by Jukebox the Ghost, a song I played over and over until it’s punchy lyrics were involuntarily etched onto my brain.


Not Like The Other Girls: Miley Cyrus

We need to talk about Miley Cyrus. In between acoustic covers of “See You Again” circulating twitter and her newest album drop this week, Miley has been making a comeback. Before we take a look at her newest work, let’s take a trip back 10 years.