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Dark Pop Smart Pop and Bangers

I’m really stupid. I actually didn’t notice it until it had already happened. It was some time later in the year 2015 when someone pointed it out to me. I was in his car and we were listening to the deluxe CD version of Taylor Swift’s 1989 and critically analyzing it, as we do with pop albums because they’re the only thing that Target sells. He made a remark about how Taylor Swift had said that she had drawn inspiration from “Dark-Pop." I said “What?”


The Only People Angry Enough to Unironically Like Nu Metal

The doubtless blurry picture above is the only photo of myself in my favorite outfit from when I was thirteen that survived the redactions I made to my online presence to make sure no one knows I existed between the ages of ten to fourteen. As you can see I’m rocking a great tan, my hair was still blonde, and I’m wearing a shirt that has an illustration of two guys in gas masks making out with each other on it. (By the way, if anyone thinks I should grow my hair our again, please say so!) That was a Rise Against tee shirt that I bought at my first concert about a month before this photo was taken.


Neo Theater Kid

Jill is my sister and we’ve never really clicked. Not because of something that an ABC family screenwriter would think of like “she likes dresses and I like dirt” but because we are both competitive by nature and highly judgemental people. That being said she is a dire resource to me in one respect; she is fifteen. As I grow older and further from the high school zeitgeist of what’s cool and what’s basic, she is in the ripe of her youth; fresh out of middle school and ready to do literally anything she can to distance herself from people who are that age.