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Q and Not U's Recreation Myth

Welcome to the world in 2002, where people were discovering the new millennium with generally horrible fashion taste. George W Bush was sitting not-so-pretty in the oval office and the fear of terrorism wormed its way into defining an era. But simmering in DC was a post-punk band working and paying hard to change the political scene, and proving that punk kids could still dance.


REVIEW: King Krule 10/21 @ Black Cat DC

If there’s one word I can use to describe the King Krule show at Black Cat on Saturday, it would be unexpected. Archy Marshall, who goes by the stage name of King Krule, broke from his seemingly suave and sedated image to play a powerhouse set to a buzzing crowd. The sold-out show proved to follow the angsty, dark vibe of his new album, The OOZ.