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Free to Be… You and Me: For Woke Toddlers Only

The past few days I’ve been making plans for Thanksgiving break, which is only ten sleeps away! The closer it gets, the more I start to think about seeing my family, and the more one specific album has started popping up in my mind and in my headphones. Free to Be... You and Me was one of the most important records in my upbringing and to this day remains one of the only things my family can listen to in the car without wanting to be at each other’s throats.


"Kathy's Song": For the Nostalgic Sadboi in All of Us

These days it seems everyone has been reveling in the coming of autumn, with its cooler temperatures, thick sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and general spookiness. Hear me out, though. While I’m happy to do the Monster Mash and go apple picking with the best of them, I’ve always found the changing and falling of the leaves and the chilly, crisp air to bring with them a deep sense of nostalgia and melancholy I can never quite put my finger on. Maybe even throw a little loneliness into the mix, if I’m being honest.