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“The Perilous Night:” An updated “Eve of Destruction?”

Eventually I’ll shut up about alt-country and southern rock. But today is not that day. Late in 2017, southern rock bank The Drive-By Truckers released a single entitled “The Perilous Night,” and, as a fan of theirs, I was very excited and sat down to listen to it while also watching the accompanying lyric video. I was initially expecting a Southern Gothic story about the danger that lies in the woods with some social commentary through parallelism. And while what I heard was definitely within the dark imagery that the Drive-By Truckers are known for, it was a bit more directly comprised of social commentary.


“Human, Like the Rest of Us; Weak:” How Jukebox The Ghost’s “The Spiritual” Shows the Futility of Internalizing Human Struggles

The last two weeks of classes are heavy times, so instead of discussing a lighthearted song while I take a break from doing final projects, studying for final exams, practicing for my trombone jury, and preparing for the LSAT, I’m going to tackle a song with a heavy subject matter. Take a seat, grab a security blanket or stuffed animal, and prepare yourself for it. If you’re not ready or ever want to click away, here’s a cute video of some bison calves playing.


“Adult Alternative;” or “White Guy With an Acoustic Guitar”

Matt Nathanson is one of the few acts I have had the privilege of seeing live more than once. So far the only others are Frank Turner and Frightened Rabbit. But he has the special distinction of both times occurring when I was still in high school. I’ve mentioned this before, but Johnstown Pennsylvania isn’t much of a destination for live music so when something vaguely exciting comes everyone goes. And that happened my sophomore year of high school. Kelly Clarkson, of all people, would be playing the Cambria County War Memorial Arena with support by Matt Nathanson. I went primarily for the opener and he honestly put on a better show than Clarkson did. A few months later he was headlining a show in Greensburg and I managed to convince my mom to allow me to go. But his shows are about half music and half comedy shows and are he’s a pretty funny guy.