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The Progression of Max Bemis as a Writer and a Human

I really like Say Anything. And not just a Real Boy. I love Anarchy, My Dear and Hebrews, which are not albums their fans were typically very kind to. I thoroughly have enjoyed seeing Max Bemis’s writing progress, but it also has become clear to me how much he has grown as a human being as well through this process. Today, we’ll be looking at three songs that form somewhat of a trilogy to me: ”Admit It!!!” from a Real Boy, “Admit It Again” from Anarchy, My Dear, and “Judas Decapitation” from Hebrews.


Is This Song About a Place or a Person?

Songs written about places are a dime a dozen. It’s almost as clichéd as that cliché I just used. The same goes for songs written about love interest. You have your “New York, New York”s and your “San Fransicso”s. You have your “My Sharona”s and your “Baby Blue”s. What I find the most interesting is a song that isn’t always clear if it’s about either—or both.