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​“Springsteen isn’t Creative:” The “Seinfeld is Unfunny” of Music?

So I’ve been listening to a lot more Bruce Springsteen these past few years. It’s odd how much he’s grown on me in that time— if you had asked me in high school if I would ever spend time thinking of the implication of his lyrical themes, I’d laugh in your face and say something about how he was a relatively uncreative hack whose lyrics are trite and boring compared to what is being done now in music (see the column I wrote on a Gaslight Anthem song). But if you’d ask me how I felt about Seinfeld, I’d say it was one of the best shows to ever air on television and set the stage for numerous sitcoms to come.


Hauntingly Beautiful: Frightened Rabbit’s “Die Like A Rich Boy”

Long-time readers of “Another Kind of Currency” may recall a column I wrote my freshman yearabout Frightened Rabbit’s “Poke,” which I always considered not only one of their most depressing songs (saying something if you know FR’s catalog), but also one of the most depressing songs ever. However, with the release of their 2016 record Painting of a Panic Attack, both of those titles have been awarded to a new song—the album closer “Die Like a Rich Boy.”