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Hauntingly Beautiful: Frightened Rabbit’s “Die Like A Rich Boy”

Long-time readers of “Another Kind of Currency” may recall a column I wrote my freshman yearabout Frightened Rabbit’s “Poke,” which I always considered not only one of their most depressing songs (saying something if you know FR’s catalog), but also one of the most depressing songs ever. However, with the release of their 2016 record Painting of a Panic Attack, both of those titles have been awarded to a new song—the album closer “Die Like a Rich Boy.”


Deconstructing the Weakerthans’ "Reconstruction Site"

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m a sucker for concept albums. Especially when the concept is something subtle. There’s something about realizing a collection of seemingly unrelated songs are actually related that gets me going. Something else that adds a nice touch to the idea is when there are little tracks peppered throughout the record that have the same melody and serve to tell a story. An album that does all of this masterfully is the Weakerthans’ 2003 album Reconstruction Site, and this week we’ll be looking at how the three sonnets that appear throughout the record serve to achieve its near perfect tone—one of loss, regret, and hope