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"Sometimes I Feel Very Sad:" Why Pet Sounds is the Best Album Ever Made

It’s hard to believe that this is the last column I’ll ever write for WVAU. As my graduation approaches and I reflect on all I’ve written about, I found it hard to believe I’ve never written about my favorite album ever made. I kinda spoiled it with the title, and it is kind of a hot take given my stance that The Beatles are the best band of all time, but I am firm in my opinion that The Beach Boy’s 1966 record Pet Sounds is the best album ever made. In any genre. It is the only album that I can listen to and say has absolutely zero flaws. And I’m going to tell you why I believe this album is, and likely will forever be, the best album ever made.


Keasbey Nights 20 Years and Two Recordings Later

A few weeks ago, on March 24, third-wave ska classic Keasbey Nights celebrated its 20th birthday. It initially served as Catch 22’s debut record, as well as only with Tomas Kalnoky as the lead singer. He later went on to become the lead singer and primary songwriter of Streetlight Manifesto, a band who has had its own law-suit laden controversy. Streetlight, in an attempt to prevent their label from re-releasing the Catch 22 version of Keasbey without their permission, decided to re-record the album, ultimately releasing it in 2006 as Streetlight’s second record. Both versions are fantastic records, and are required listens for anyone who even has a passing interest in the genre. But to celebrate the album’s belated birthday, I’ll doing a track-by-track analysis of whether I prefer the Catch 22 or Streetlight Manifesto version of either. Comparing recordings of pieces is something the classical music fanbase gets to do quite often, so I’m excited to do it for a ska punk record. Let’s get started!


Celtic Punk: Everyone’s Favorite Genre to like on St Patrick’s Day

Another Saint Patrick’s Day gone, another multiple pints of Guinness downed, and another big boost in royalties for Celtic Punk bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. I’ve mentioned this before, but I genuinely enjoy this genre and basically listen to it every single day. So, in celebration of the holiday where everyone is Irish being over, here’s my personal recommendations on where to get started if you only really know “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” or “Drunken Lullabies.”