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Animal Hours, "Do Over" (Self-Released)

By Lina Alam | 21/10/14 12:13pm

Staying at your aunt’s farm house and leaning out the bedroom to the rising sun and smell of fresh dew.

In weird way, all I can think about when I listen to Orion Letizi, lead singer and songwriter of Animal Hours sing “Yellow Roses,” is a signifier of friendship, are the blue roses in Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie. But that’s beside the point. Do Over is expected to do well.

Indie-pop with some folk flairs and what many call a hint of Americana, Animal Hours hasn’t gained much popularity yet (at least on Facebook), but the release of their first album should promulgate momentum.

There are moments in various songs when I shudder, channeling thoughts of modern country music, like in “Lost and Found,” when Letizi sings “washed away in the morning rain/ cup of coffee and we’re on our way” with an especially prominent southern twang. It makes me a little doubtful.

But overall, I resonated with the morose undertones of the entire album. Do Over, ya did good.

RIYL Band of Horses, Dr. Dog, Elliot Smith
Recommended Tracks: 2, 5, 7