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10 weeks at the top; A look into the success of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”

When Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, two childhood friends and folk connoisseurs from Queens, New York, released their 1970 record, Bridge Over Troubled Waters it was their most ambitious and experimental work to date. The duo spent the majority of the 1960’s, and the four records they released during that time, manipulating and straining the folk-rock genre to its limits with their combination of intuitive vocals and delicate song writing a-la Paul Simon. 


Classical Music Can Be Catchy?! No Way... (But Yes Way)

I have listened to Lindsey Stirling since she first started and dropped her first songs. I remember when she appeared on American's Got Talent and she just got crushed by the judges. I couldn't believe their responses to her unique talent that I instantly feel in love with. When she first started to make her YouTube videos, I remember being so happy because she had decided to continue with this unique talent and her dream. She is the perfect icon for any person to keep following their dreams even when literally everyone is tearing you down.