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Classical Music Can Be Catchy?! No Way... (But Yes Way)

By Morgan Bluma | 9/3/18 1:20pm

I have listened to Lindsey Stirling since she first started and dropped her first songs. I remember when she appeared on American's Got Talent and she just got crushed by the judges. I couldn't believe their responses to her unique talent that I instantly feel in love with. When she first started to make her YouTube videos, I remember being so happy because she had decided to continue with this unique talent and her dream. She is the perfect icon for any person to keep following their dreams even when literally everyone is tearing you down. And, yes I know, this is so cheesy (but hey I'm from Wisconsin so you know) but she is honestly a down-to-earth individual who does what she loves, not because it can possibly make a lot of money or make her famous, but because she genuinely loves making this music for herself and her fans.

This song that I picked was one that I have loved throughout the years and the video that is presented with this song is just so visually mesmerizing. Something that strikes me about Lindsey is that she takes such a sad sounding instrument and makes music that can be sad, happy, or energized. She is also a person who just radiates positivity which is how I aspire to be. But this does not mean that Lindsey has never felt sadness or depression, which she has, and she shows the world that, yes, it can feel like you are in the deepest pit in the world that looks like there is no end or happiness to find, when in reality, there is because she has been there and managed to get out to the other side. She has written a book and made a movie of her struggle with continuing this dream of hers and the hard ships she has faced for being "too" unique.

If this music does not make you want to pick up a violin and learn to play then I do not know what to tell you. Even though this type of music is not for everyone, we all should admit that she is crazy talented. I do not know anyone else that can play such a difficult instrument like the violin and continue to play such fast melodies while also spinning and dancing everywhere. She also is one of the few artists I know of who ends almost all her videos thanking her fans and just kind of talking to her fans, which I think is such a sweet gesture (but people may disagree). She still continues to do these little endings in her recent videos.

If you wanna she how she has evolved through her music, her most recent album is a perfect example compared to this song I have chosen for today. She now includes singers and other instrumental music rather than just dubstep music. It is crazy to see how much her music has changed and how her skills have gotten more intense. If you listen to her live, you would think that she isn't playing and that the track is just playing because she is that good. If you also are interested in she her other talents and her spunky personality, she was on Dancing With The Stars not too long ago.

Alright, I'll stop talking about my love for Lindsey and I will let you now discover her crazy talents and amazing music. Have a lovely day my little hippies!