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The Nostalgic Road Trip

By Morgan Bluma | 9/2/18 3:55pm

Couple in old-fashioned car on road trip

by Jon Feingersh / Blend Images

Image courtesy of Huffington Post

Hello my beautiful lovelies, I say let’s go on a road trip. You know that game where you have to pick one book you would want on a deserted island for the rest of your life. This is kind of similar. I say that if I had to go on a road trip (but really “had” isn’t the right word because who doesn’t love road trips) I would choose this song to listen to for the whole trip. It’s great for a road trip because home can be anywhere as long as you’re with the ones you love. Home is about people and not places. For some people, the environment of a home doesn’t exist yet. That’s why I love the idea of road trips. They are so adventurous and freeing, much like the feelings felt through this song. I can be free spirited and wild on a road trip. This song is the definition of nostalgic and it makes my hippie heart so very happy.

Something quite unique, in my opinion, of this song, is that there is some dialogue in the middle of the song. Most songs either start or finish with dialogue. This dialogue just seems to flow so nicely into the lyrics. Usually, the dialogue used in the beginning or end of a song is to complete the story or to make aware of a specific topic. Plus, the two speakers seem so relaxed and comfortable with one another. Much like how one feels when on a road trip with their best friends. I know my friends and I love going on road trips to nature trails and old springs. Sometimes, a road trip with one of my friends was simply driving around town late at night jamming to some tunes. The memories made from these trips is different than other memories. Most memories I have trouble recalling all the details but when I go on these road trips with my best friends, I can remember almost every detail down to the songs that we would sing at the tops of our lungs to the food we ate. Road trips are a kind of therapy.

If you do decide to take a road trip, listen to this song and I recommend reading Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. It was a very powerful and controversial novel for its time and still is. The novel is about Kerouac going on a road trip across the United States with two of his buddies. They are living life with the help pf jazz, poetry, and drug use (don’t do drugs kiddies). The novel is a bit odd as it is written as thoughts mainly and it provides a new perspective on life. Anyways, this novel mixed with this song, would make one memorable road trip.

Have a lovely day my little hippies.