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Meet the Parents: Art Director Suah Cheong

By Suah Cheong | 6/9/17 6:00pm

Suah Cheong is a junior studying in psych and communications. As the Art Director of WVAU, she's in charge of creating promotional content for WVAU and managing its zine staff. Suah has been a part of WVAU since fall 2016 and she could not be more thrilled to keep hanging out with AU's cutest student org! A Bay Area native, Suah frequently yaps on about her enthusiasm for avocados, complains about the DC humidity, and worries about overwatering her succulents. Catch her on the quad crying about her schedule and chasing after puppies!

RIYL: Amy Winehouse, Wilco, The Regrettes, Regina Spektor, Green Day, Warpaint, Kendrick Lamar, Arcade Fire