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Spring Break, baby! Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and Vineyard Vines Dreams

By Maria Carrasco | 6/3/17 2:44pm

Edit by Maria Carrasco

Okay so I’d like to just make it clear: I’m not going on a tropical destination for my spring break. I mean, considering I go to AU for practically free because of how little my family makes, I don’t think I was ever destined for Cancun 2K17 or a week in Cape Cod. But I’m not upset about it.

However, I always wondered about those Cape Cod, Vineyard Vines, bermuda shorts, salmon pink daydreams that exist for so many of my peers. But I don’t have to wonder too much when an album like Vampire Weekend’s self-titled is at my fingertips. This is the album to listen to during your vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d die for Ezra Koenig, but their self-titled album is composed of a preppy, college, regal sound. Take their song “Campus,” one of my favorite tracks off the album.

“Then I see you / You're walking cross the campus / Cruel professor / Studying romances / How am I supposed to pretend / I never want to see you again?”

The song’s harmonies are energetic, vibrant and colorful, while Koenig’s voice is mellow and calm. This song is perfect for a reflection of all loves, past and future, including your Cape Cod cutie.

Keeping on track of light, happy melodies, the song “Bryn” falls into this category.

“Oh Bryn, you see through the dark / Right past the fireflies that sleep in my heart / You know it’s easy to see / Wait for the season to come back to me”

I adore the lyrics and melodies at the chorus. The million violins and the vibrato make you feel the fluttering fireflies Koenig sings about. The song is warm and bright, but more than any other song on the album, you feel the emotion behind it. Feel the fireflies in your heart while you see the warm sun hitting your face.

Another great, vibrant song off of the self-title is the song “Walcott,” and strangely enough, it’s about trying to leave Cape Cod.

“Walcott, don't you know that it's insane? / Don't you want to get out of Cape Cod, out of Cape Cod tonight? / Walcott, the bottleneck is a shit show / Hyannisport is a ghetto out of Cape Cod tonight”

The song is about exploring, leaving and having a good time with friends, which is what that Cape Cod daydream is all about. This song really makes you feel like the Holy Roman Empire is rooting for you.

And finally, the song that started it call. The iconic, oh-so-Vampire-Weekend-esque song “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.”

“As a young girl, Louis Vuitton / With your mother, on the sandy lawn / As a sophomore, with reggaeton / And the linens you're sittin' on”

This song is wonderful in creating this Cape Cod, Vineyard Vines, bermuda shorts, salmon pink daydream, from the lyrics to the music video. Vampire Weekend mastered creating this sound, but it’s not obnoxious by any means. Their music is meant to be fun, light and reflect on youth. For your spring break adventure, make sure you have Vampire Weekend’s self-titled downloaded to celebrate the cotton candy skies and warm yellow sun.

Listen to the entire album here: